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How can IT support and technology make your employees more productive?

How can IT support and technology make your employees more productive?

Businesses are always looking for ways to help their employees be more productive during the working day.

“How to be productive” is one of the most popular modern-day phrases, with an abundance of tips and tricks online to try and test out. But, did you know without the right tools and technology in place, it can be hard to truly be productive?

So, if you’re currently in the stage of putting together plans for 2022, make sure to take these things into account when thinking of productivity and technology.

  • Use group chat technology

How much has miscommunication cost you in the past? A disgruntled client, staff doubling up on work, or worse…lost revenue. Since the start of the pandemic, the number of companies using group chat technology has grown. Using the likes of Microsoft Teams for group messaging can improve productivity considerably. These tools help to minimise the back and forth on email, where things tend to get lost amongst the others. Urgent questions can be answered immediately with most group chat applications, accessible on desktop and mobile, always keeping users in the loop.

  • Simplify daily tasks

We all have those small mundane tasks that have to be done every day/every week that take up time that could be spent on something more important. Well, did you know you could automate those tasks using technology? An example of this is where one of your team downloads a spreadsheet each day. The file can be saved automatically to the same location at the same time each day which would help to free up their time.

  • Better project management

Poor project management is a big productivity leak in any business. This can be avoidable with the use of a project management tool like Microsoft Project. Using online applications like this gives everyone a clear view of who is working on what, and at what stage they are with a task. It lays out deadlines and shows where bottlenecks are in the project, allowing clarity for managers and information on when they need to step in.

  • Hybrid working

In the last few years, many employees have experienced remote working. Whilst the world is opening again, staff are keen to work from the place they feel most productive. Laptops and docking stations need to be set up to support this, using plug and play, and ensuring cyber security has been thought about. With 98% of people choosing to work remotely at least part time1, you need to make the transition from home to work easy.

  • Eliminate file sharing

How many times have you waited for a colleague to share files with you? And vice versa, someone has been nagging you to send over an urgent file. File sharing is something we do every day, but can be a productivity killer. While file-sharing technology has been around for several years, not many businesses use it at all, or to their advantage. As well as being able to use the same file at the same time, employees can track the history of changes, and who made the change; making it easier to ask for or give clarification.

How productive is your business? If you think there is room for improvement and would like to know how LMS Group can help increase the productivity of your team, please give us a call on 0330 088 2565 or complete the contact form below.



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