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Microsoft enforces number matching

May 15, 2023

Microsoft takes the fight to MFA fatigue attacks …
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Cyber security budgets are going up. So why aren't attacks going down?

May 5, 2023

With the total cost of cyber crime in 2023 forecasted to reach $8 Trillion, why is cyber crime continuing to rise?…
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Become a OneNote ninja

April 27, 2023

Do you love OneNote as much as the LMS Group team do? Check out some great tips to elevate your note taking.…
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Education sector were hit hardest by cyber criminals in 2022

April 17, 2023

The education vertical accounted for 16% of attacks in the UK in 2022.…
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How is digitalisation leading recovery for small businesses?

April 17, 2023

A study found that small businesses that prioritised digital transformation saw revenue growth double following the pandemic.…
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AI-created malware sends shocks cyber security world

April 14, 2023

Someone has claimed to have made powerful data-mining malware by using ChatGPT.…
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