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Four most common causes of accidental data deletion

Without a doubt, data is one of the most important assets a business has. Data is something that is used across the business. From marketing to operations, and everything in between. It can give you an insight into how the business is performing, but also what changes need to be made to drive the business forward. Without data, your business wouldn’t have the information it needs to operate and grow.

With that in mind, as a business you must make sure data is always protected. So, what are the four most common causes of accidental data loss you should be aware of?

  1. Simple human error

Yes, people accidentally delete data all the time. Whilst many new systems have a two-step process to delete data, users don’t always realise that their files may be destroyed…lost forever. Whilst Office 365 offers some archiving tools, it doesn’t protect against deletion. Also, with Office 365 alone there is no fast way to restore data in the same location.

  1. Data sprawl

Data sprawl is another large problem, and it is common for businesses to have specific locations where employees should save corporate files. A problem then emerges when you add in user behaviour. Staff will save some of their work to non-approved locations, such as the desktop. Not saving files on the network throws up cyber security and data governance problems.

  1. Mobile devices

Since the introduction of mobile phones, they have become more popular for use during the working day, with business data being accessed and stored on them. Using mobile phones, or other devices for this purpose puts the information stored on them at risk of cyber attack. One way to mitigate this risk is by using mobile application management. Implementing this into your business will mean your data is protected.

  1. Employee turnover and administrative errors

The last area to think about is data loss due to administrative errors and employee turnover. With Covid-19 and the pandemic causing many redundancies, employee turnover is higher than ever. When employees depart, businesses need to worry not just about data privacy issues, but corporate data preservation and governance as well. With the huge growth of SaaS products, offboarding efficiently, and securely, is only half the battle. Let’s say the company is well organised and all employee data is saved in the proper location, mistakes can still happen.

When SaaS accounts are terminated or closed, the data will be gone forever, unless it is transferred, archived, or otherwise retained. If companies are neglectful, account closures can easily become another major cause of data loss.

What’s the solution?

Using an Office 365 backup solution to protect your business against human error and administrative errors means that important data can be quickly retrieved without causing any long-term damage. If you’d like more information on how to implement a back and recovery system, take a look at our BCDR ebook.

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