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Our favourite Microsoft tips and tricks

There are so many shortcuts throughout the different Microsoft products that it is difficult to list them all. That's why we've put together seven of our favourite functions.

Got a long piece of text that needs to be written up? Why not dictate your work into Microsoft Word. In the Microsoft Word window, press Windows+ H, and you'll start seeing words on the page. Doing this will save you a lot more time.

Concentration on one window
Have you ever wanted to remove the other widows in the background when working on something? Press Windows + the home button to remove all background distractions.

Windows Explorer
Looking for a quick way to launch Windows Explorer? Press Windows + E to open it

Windows in the taskbar
An easy way to launch pages from the taskbar is to press the Windows, then 1 for the first window, 2 for the second and so on.

Access your desktop
Want to access your desktop without having to minimise a number of different windows quickly. Press Windows + D. To bring all of the windows back, press the same combination again.

Setting Page
Launch the settings page by pressing Windows + I

Side by side windows
Looking for a quicker way to have two windows sit side by side? Rather than taking time to pull them around the screen, press Windows + the right arrow key in the window you want and then select the other window.

Do you have a favourite Windows shortcut that you like to use? Let us know on our LinkedIn company page.

For more Microsoft Windows hacks, visit the Microsoft tips page.


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